Tenet Healthcare Corporation Jobs

“As a Pharmacist, I want to be an active participant in patient care.  Is anyone willing to give me that type of opportunity?”   YES.

Are you ready to join a team of pharmacy professionals that are dedicated to customer service, patient satisfaction and quality care?  Do you think it’s about time you emerged from the shadows?  We hope your answer is “Yes”.  

Tenet is the second largest hospital system in the nation, with locations across the country, from California to Florida, Texas to Pennsylvania.  We understand the importance of the pharmacy in the hospital structure.  Pharmacists at Tenet are actively involved in the care of patients.  Prove it?  We provide clinical pharmacy services, drug utilization management, and promote optimal drug therapy to improve our patients’ medication management and quality of life.  We have many initiatives to ensure you enjoy rewarding professional relationships not only with patients but also physicians, nurses and other members of the hospital team.  Within our extensive network of hospitals, we are able to offer a variety of hospital settings.  If you are ready to take the next step in your career, please visit www.teamtenet.com for a complete list of our hospitals and their specific opportunities.  We currently have a range of openings whether you are considering a pharmacy technician position or are ready for the responsibility of Director, Pharmacy Services.   We’re all working towards a common goal, to provide quality patient care, and we would like you to consider joining our team!

No current job openings.